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Listening to White girls talking about WHITE girl feminism, not white GIRL feminism is my favorite past-time.


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I agree with you on the #CancelColbert controversy, but we can also say that the person who started #cancelcolbert is an attention-seeking, kinda personality defected, racist? You should read this: search "#CancelColbert and the politics of being offended" by Joslyn Stevens. It's really quite interesting
abigailtries abigailtries Said:

Well, to be fair, Suey Park is trying to seek attention to this issue addressed.

Also, I read the article you suggested, and although I thought the author brought up good points, the overall tone and “evidence” (i.e. tweets) she used was really off-putting. The whole making fun of the difficult situations Suey Park is in because Suey Park is “playing the victim” is not a good look. At all. It doesn’t contribute to the issue discussed at hand. I don’t think Park is racist or has said racist things on twitter (not that I know of unless you have an example).

With that said, I don’t agree with Suey Park’s campaign and the way she went about it. It’s not because she comes off as angry, because if a racist thing was said against a community you are apart of, you would be mad as hell. Also, a lot of white men are saying the most horrible shit to her (i.e. threatening rape to scare Park to back off) is adding fuel to the fire. What the fuck? Not cool. But anyway, I feel like Park is not open to conversation from other Asians’ perspectives. Also, I think there are other fish to fry that will better improve the situation marginalized people face in the media.

Mostly, my problem with this whole situation is that it’s being used an excuse to silence, by using sexual and racist insults, a marginalized group of people who are speaking out, and the whole issue of using a slur that is a offensive to Native Americans as part of a sports team’s name is being glossed over once again.